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How content marketing is more about the reader.

Local business and small companies are rebuilding the local economy to make new opportunities for exchange goods and services models, less harmful than capitalist traditional economic approach.
So, Congrats! Company business owner, you are in a privileged position to share an excellent experience on how we do things at present 2016.
Content is the mirror of what is happening in reality way beyond from the traditional advertising selling.
Any project that connects enthusiasm, time, passion, money and works must sustain by love and compromise among its roots. We all are always looking for ways to improve our current skills. So the answer is content. Yes, Tell us about yourself and how you do it, we want to be just like you. We all want to feel passion about our lives and works. Production allows telling this story.

Not for all, but authentically made for those who enjoys the message and, it is in the legitimate position to answer, mix, remix, and debate what is watching. It is not a narcissistic mirror of ourselves but a door to a conversation. The conversation as the core of transformation.
When you start the conversation channels spreads its nets and creates spaces for longer conversations. So fast, and easy is to talk in real time in several formats about the real time things that are happening in a local sphere of content. The genuine opportunity for local communities to exclude from media spots locally, to avoid meaningless consumption and sexism.
This platform will allow exchanging information and messages personally, but also creating groups, recording and storing works around people discussions. In its natural connection with reality, this platform will allow all kinds of exchange for goods and services.
The trust between the links can add, payment options, digital payments, e-wallet services, delivery services, geolocalization for hot spots of interested based on user experience and real-time navigation.
On a Community Content platform, intermediation reduces to its lowest level between buyer and seller. The CCP bring more money to strength local business content model and become a more sensitive, responsible and adaptable economic system.
It should maximise wealth for everyone allowing others on develop what they love, no excessive consumption anymore, and open space areas with no money exchange.
So there is another world ready for us waiting, just next to consensus and love.

There are resources in our hands more than ever, and if you can read this, you can work on be that difference for another one like you. So share the good in you and teach and learn to other and from others in a strong chain of a better human connection.

Content means, “Let’s present to the world our vision of this” – “Let’s observe what is out there, and what is missing” – “Take advantage of the time motion and bring up the new idea to the table.”

Coyote capital 2013-13

A non-commercial approach

Let’s face it; the money transaction is just one of several other transactions occurring between a buyer and a seller, so if we move away from its price, and we recall to its value, we will try to look what best suit us, instead of looking for the cheapest option. There is much more to say about your life besides how much you earn.

So basically forget you selling at all, and set your mind on what you are doing for others. How does it make you feel? Will you be proud of your children doing it as well? With those answers in mind. Let’s write for them, tell your story on how you started.

No need for too much fancy paraphernalia, with any decent recording device and internet connection, we are in the position to say.

If you still don’t see the connection between this and how to your business will grow in the long run, we can start the discussion from there.

I suggest to read: Desarrollo de contenido ¿Por dónde comenzar? Although is in spanish.
Thanks for reading and believe me, I am keen to read your opinions on this.

Edgar Estrada


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